Madman in the Woods ////// 597


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Madman in the Woods ////// 597

Part 1 of 1

Unfortunately serial killers and terrorists are in a lot of ways similar to the rest of us but of course with drastic differences. But one of the ways that they are like the rest of us they have family, friends and neighbors. This week we are joined in the Garage by someone who knows this much better than any of us. Jamie Gehring grew up a friendly neighbor to both a serial killer and terrorist. Ted Kaczynski better known as the Unabomber eluded capture and terrorized us for 17 years while the FBI tried desperately to track him down. Meanwhile he was making and sending bombs from a small shack in Lincoln, Montana. Join us for a cold beer and some intriguing conversation with someone who grew up right next door to hell.

Beer of the Week - 7 Years by Breton Brewing Company

Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

This week’s recommended reading is Madman in the Woods by Jamie Gehring

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