Let's Do It Live! (In Las Cruces) | 7.26.22


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This week marks the end of our fourth season of Growing Forward! Time has definitely flown by over the course of the last two-plus years, and we appreciate all the support and listenership during our initial seasons. We'll be back again later this Fall as we kick off Season Five.

In our final episode of this season, though, we took our show on the Road to the Amador Barr and Grill in Las Cruces. Hosts Andy Lyman (New Mexico Political Report) and Megan Kamerick (KUNM) were joined by a special panel to discuss the rollout of the cannabis industry in not only Las Cruces, but also all of Southern New Mexico. You might be interested to learn how different the approach has been than some other prominent communities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

We can't wait to join you again for a new season, but for the time being a reminder you can listen back to any of our past episodes and seasons, right here where you streamed this episode. Those clicks, likes and listens really help us out a great deal. And, if you like what we're doing, you can also help us out financially on the New Mexico Political Report website, by hitting the "donate now" button. Thanks, and we will talk to you again very soon!


Senator Carrie Hamblen (D-District 38)

Las Cruces City Councilor Johana Bencomo

Ben Lewinger, Executive Director, New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

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Podington Bear - "Good Times"

Blue Dot Sessions - "Low Light Switch"

Blue Dot Sessions - "The Dollar Token"

Blue Dot Sessions - "Two in the Back"

Christian Bjoerklund - "Hallon"

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