Back To The Future #89 - Spectrasoul - ICON Series


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Up with our next instalment of the Back To The Future Podcast, we return to our ‘Icon Series’. Previous alumni have been Calibre, Break, Rufige Kru and Ivy Lab. As you can see from that quality list, they have to be a bit special to make it… and our next graduates fulfil the brief here perfectly. Having produced some of the scene's most cutting edge music for 14 years, including 3 amazing albums, Delay No More, Mistress and How We Live, the Brighton based duo have been present across many of the best labels around including Shogun, Critical, Exit and Metalheadz. In 2016 they started their own razor sharp imprint, Ish Chat, home of the aforementioned ‘How We Live’ LP and my personal fave ‘Untitled Horn’. Wherever they’ve played and on whatever label they’ve appeared, you could always expect music with a clinical funk and an underlying soul. Jack is now producing as Workforce and already creating a strong reputation as a solo artist, though we wanted to celebrate the duo themselves and give you our highlights from their partnership. Included in the mix is music from across the scene, highlighting their ability to move within our complex subgenres with seeming ease. We’ve also included some of our favourite remixes and collaborations with other scene greats including DLR, dBridge, Calibre and Break. So sit back and relax for 47 minutes ish with one of the best. Spectrasoul. Spectrasoul ft. dBridge - Glimpse (Shogun) Break ft. Spectrasoul - Martyr (Symmetry) Commix - Justified (Spectrasoul remix) (Metalheadz) Alix Perez ft. Pevan Everett & Spectrasoul - Forsaken (Shogun) Spectrasoul ft. Terri Walker - Light in the Dark (Shogun) Spectrasoul (Foreign Concept remix) - Organiser (Critical) Spectrasoul - Suppression (Subtitles) Spectrasoul - Mimic (Subtitles) Spectrasoul - 4urgh (Ish Chat) Spectrasoul - Push & Pull (Ish Chat) Spectrasoul ft. Kenny Knots - 4 Points (Metalheadz) Spectrasoul - Dark Hour (Critical) Spectrasoul ft. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre remix) (Shogun) Spectrasoul - Cherry Smoke (SGN:LTD) Spectrasoul - Untitled Horn (Ish Chat) Spectrasoul - Sometimes We Lie (DLR remix) (Shogun) Spectrasoul - Alibi (Break remix) (Critical) #drumandbass #dnb #dnbpodcast #livedrumandbass #drumandbasspodcast #livednb #dmix #backtothefuturednb #dmixandevolve #spectrasoul #ishchatmusic #b2b

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