Wisconsin Badgers football, the positivity show! Graham Mertz is good, the Big Ten West is bad and the Badgers will still win the division.


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Lets talk about the positives for the Wisconsin Badgers football team; starting with the fact that Graham Mertz is a good quarterback - he looks so much better than what we saw last year. Currently Mertz is statistically the 4th best QB in the Big Ten. If that trend holds, I still think the rest of this team is really good and the loss to Washington State is going to look more and more like a blip in the noise. If we still believe all of the pre-season hype with the defense, with Bob Bostad coaching the offensive line, with the upgraded WR corps and with Bobby Engram calling plays.

We talk about just how bad the Big Ten West is, and why Wisconsin even if they continue to struggle may be the best bad team in the division. The most competent team so far has been Minnesota and they've played absolutely nobody and will need to go through Madison for the axe. We also talk about the large number of new players and faces that are still likely gelling and how the Badgers are a team that should keep getting better as the season unfolds.

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