30 for 30: Brett Favre, D**k Pics to Grifter


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Here we go again, another week of football is in the books and three guesses you got burnt by all the NFL melodrama in your fantasy league too. Sucks, welcome to the club, take a load off, sit down, get comfy, crack a cold one, Russ will cook you up a 'dangerous russwich' while you listen to this weeks episode.

Summer is over, Baseball is about to be interesting, so we give some updates on that. we ask ourselves why the raiders village looks so plundered. we grossly over estimate the Giants monday night performance and are reassured they are the team we knew they were.

If you didn't get the hint from the title, we talk Brett Lorenzo Favre (we agree its a stupid middle name) and his perpetual inability to use text messaging appropriately.

As always thanks to our listeners for your support, You're the best, we appreciate all your help in making this pod grow!

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