29 Sell Your Design Services Using Instagram Stories with Alyssa Moorhead


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Have you ever wondered how to leverage IG stories to make more money in your design business? Then this is the episode for you!

Kady Sandel speaks with guest expert Alyssa Moorhead about how to grow your graphic design, web design, or brand design business on Instagram – specifically using the Stories feature.

You’ll learn how to build genuine connections with ideal clients, how to get them to find you in the first place, and what you should be doing in the DMs to get hired without feeling pushy.

Alyssa shares how she scaled her own creative business using IG stories, plus the best way to convert your Instagram stories & private messages into actual paid design clients on social media.


About Alyssa Moorhead:

Alyssa is the owner of Nerve Client Studio, a Brooklyn-based Client Strategy Studio. The Nerve team helps mostly female-identifying business owners curate their dream client roster + achieve beyond-their-dreams income through done-for-your sales services.

At Nerve, they do sales differently- Not only do they nurture leads, but opportunities too; And they don’t just nurture, but they actually sign clients and opportunities. If you want sales taken off your plate by people who live for sales, Nerve is for you.

Learn more at nerveclientstudio.com and follow Alyssa on Instagram @nerveclientstudio



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