#176: Sam Seemes-USTFCCCA


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As the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Track & Field/Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA), Sam and his team are instrumental in moving the sport and the coaching profession in an upwards trajectory. On today's episode, we learn Sam's background in the sport (he was a steel pole vaulter!), his coaching background (LSU!), as well as important adjacent professions with track surfacing companies as a salesman. We get a deep dive into the roots of the USTFCCCA, some of the initiatives they have helped developed on behalf of the coaches in NCAA, as well as what the annual Convention entails. You'll see why near the end of the episode we had to invite Sam back to the podcast in the future to do a part two! We get into a lot of topics but still didn't cover so many! Press play and learn more about Sam and the USTFCCCA.

*Full disclosure: Gill Athletics has been and continues to be an official Supporter of the USTFCCCA.


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