Week 7 Iowa high school football takeaways: Top-tier teams separating | Prep Football Huddle


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At this point in the Iowa high school football season, we have enough data points to know some tiers have emerged in most classes. It looks like there is a clear top four in Class 5A, with Pleasant Valley backing up its spot there last Friday against Iowa City High. Harlan seems to be in a tier of its own in 3A. And in 1A, well, there are a lot of really, really good teams and West Branch is certainly one of them.

The Gazette's Jeff Johnson, Jeff Linder and K.J. Pilcher discuss the top teams and their top takeaways from Week 7 on this episode of the Prep Football Huddle.

Plus, a look ahead to the biggest Week 8 games and what's on the line playoff-wise.

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