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We know, we know... Michael Myers isn't in the movie! This was the type of movie that John Carpenter originally envisioned the Halloween franchise producing. He wanted Halloween to be an anthology series that would tell a different story that took place during the spookiest season of the year but after the success of the first Halloween movie, the studio's eyes were replaced with dollar signs and they demanded more Michael. Carpenter gave in and killed off Michael and Dr. Loomis at the end of Halloween 2 so he could move on in the direction he intended the franchise to go in. The result was HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH... and people did not like it. People wanted to see the same old thing over and over again, so the film was a box office bomb. It has since become a cult classic of sorts and it has established a very large fanbase. Is the movie any good though? We gave it a watch and we'll let you know what this movie's deal is.

Eight more days 'til Halloween... Halloween... Halloween... Eight more days 'til Halloween... Silver Shamrock!

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