PlayStation Says Xbox Wants Them To Be Nintendo - Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.23.22


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Blessing and Tim talk God of War Ragnarok sales, PlayStation makes more statements about Xbox, The Witcher 3 next gen update, and a new big studio from Netflix.

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A new Kinda Funny Podcast is up right now and it’s worth the dollar. Me and Roger join the crew and we talk Twitter drama, Andy tik tok drama, and the crew goes to Jack in The Box… drama. That’s on

We’re off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. We’ll be back with more Kinda Funny content on Monday.

The Roper Report -

00:06:07 - God of War Ragnarök is PlayStation’s ‘fastest-selling first-party game ever’ - Chris Scullion @ VGC

00:18:15 - We got a new poster for HBO’s The Last of Us - @TheLastofUs on Twitter

00:19:24 - Sony claims Microsoft’s ‘true strategy’ is to ‘make PlayStation like Nintendo’ - Andy Robinson @ VGC

00:29:20 - Ad

00:30:30 - We’ve finally got details on Witcher 3’s next gen version - Ryan Dinsdale @ IGN

00:33:32 - Netflix Appears to Be Developing a AAA PC Shooter - Ryan Dinsdale @ IGN

00:39:35 - Riot Games could bring Valorant to consoles - Grant Taylor-Hill @ Insider Gaming

00:45:25 - Sakurai Seemingly Teases Kid Icarus: Uprising For Nintendo Switch - Jason Fanelli @ Gamespot

00:49:29 - The Callisto Protocol’s season pass includes new player death animations - Chris Scullion @ VGC

00:54:38 - Onoma games are shutting down - @StudioOnoma on Twitter

00:56:30 - Out today

00:57:30 - You‘re Wrong

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