EP 308: Jamel Dotson & Megan Sousa of LYT Comedy Show


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This week we welcome Jamel Dotson & Megan Sousa of LYT Comedy Show. The LYT or Laugh Your Truth comedy show is a monthly show at the world-famous Los Angeles Improv.
Jamel Dotson began his comedy career in 2007 while attending Indiana University. After performing across the country, in clubs, and a brief TV Appearance, he finally made it to Los Angeles. Jamel remains an avid comedy writer, except he now performs regularly at the Hollywood Improv and is a sought-after talent around the city even without major national exposure. You can find him at @jamelsfunny
Megan Ashley Sousa, is a professional actor, voice-over talent, comedian, writer, and host, and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the AFI Conservatory. Alum of Tuskegee University and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Megan is an up-and-comer in Hollywood and can currently be seen in the feel-good comedy film “DOMINO: BATTLE OF THE BONES '' now playing on STARZ. She also portrayed the role of Kari in the NETFLIX feature film "BEATS", starring Anthony Anderson. Megan is also known for her role in "Zero" (2012, HBO). You can find her at @yo_megs
Check them out at https://lytcomedyshow.com/
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