#82- What will be your legacy? Wartime Psychological Operations and Current Affairs - Tim Heale


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What will be your legacy? What stories will fade with you that your loved ones will never know?
*I would first like to say how grateful I am to Tim Heale. His best friend died unexpectedly the day before and yet, although I offered to reschedule, he still wanted to do the show. Thank you, Tim.
Tim Heale has done it all.
Having spent most of his adult life under the Colours in the British Army from being an infantry soldier to an experienced PSYOPS Operator or Psychological Operator trying to influence local cultures on 7 operational deployments. Because of this background we discuss the current state of Great Britain and the war in Ukraine.
He played a lot of rugby, skis telemark(think old school wooden planks on your feet) and has competed several times at the British Telemark Championships. He was also a Hang Gliding Instructor, played American Football for Milton Keynes Pioneers, has owned 3 boats and sailed to the Baltic and back, has also sailed around the UK with just the wife and Artie the Ship's cat.
He spent his last 8 years in the Army as a Unit Welfare Officer for London Central Garrison and has taken part in all the Ceremonial duties in London during that time.
His podcast Ordinary People's Extraordinary Stories is about leaving a legacy for future generations so they will know what life was like in our times. Imagine if you died without telling your life story, it would be lost for ever. So share your stories with loved ones.
My Everyday conversations regarding Mental Health is Thirsty Thursday Live Stream from 7pm until 8.15pm GMT every week.

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