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A live one hour radio show broadcast from the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN every Sunday night throughout the summer HOSTS: Scott Dixon and Hal Cropp ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Stela Burdt EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Bob Petrillo ASST. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Glen Jensson INTERNET GURU: Jason Underferth The last show of the season on September 5th, 2010 brought Over the Back Fence to an end at the Commonweal Theatre after 16 seasons. Thanks for the great run everyone!
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Commonweal Theatre Company presents the sixteenth season of Over the Back Fence from Lanesboro, MN.Theme: Sweet 16Hosts: Scott Dixon & Damon PrestmonMusic Guest: The Irish MinstrelsThank you to all of the volunteers, staff, audience members, and listeners who made Over the Back Fence what it is over the last 16 years.Thank you all!!…
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