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Travis Patton Sr.

I like to discover and share real life moments of inspiration by everyday people! This show is about finding these moments of inspiration for our everyday lives. Support this podcast
In diesem Podcast geht es um Neuigkeiten aus dem Schulleben auf Distanz. Da der überwiegende Teil der Schulgemeinschaft derzeit @home lernt, lebt und arbeitet, soll dieser Podcast dazu beitragen, dass wir miteinander in Kontakt bleiben. Wer z.B. einen Gruß an die Mitschülerinnen und Mitschüler oder Lehrpersonen ausrichten, aus seinem Corona-Alltag berichten oder einen anderen Beitrag für die Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer leisten mag, ist herzlich willkommen, sich per Email an uns zu wenden. Wir s ...
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Rev. Kris Cooper preaches from the text of Acts 1:1-11. His title for the sermon is, “The Power to Go.” He talks about our need for the Holy Spirit, Ho law the Spirit causes us to be witness outside the comfort of home, & The Spirit leads us to go and not wait. We pray this helps you grow in the classroom of Grace!…
Rev. Kristopher Cooper preaches on the text Acts 9:10-19 with the title ‘Loving the undeserving.’ He talks about the meeting between Saul (Paul) & Ananias. How there encounter challenges the Christian to understand God does not care about our preferences, Jesus determines our purpose not us, & Only the cross can do the work of reconciliation.…
Mr. CFB and Friends in Los Angeles for the CFB Championship. First up on agenda, reflecting on TMG Co-Founder the late Chris Dufresne's as he was posthumously inducted into the FWAA (CFB writer's) Hall of Fame Friday night. Then, Tony, Mark and Herb talk championship game, the overs, the unders, major players and expected outcomes.…
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