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Podcast Animation Terbaik yang Dapat Kami Temukan
Podcast Animation Terbaik yang Dapat Kami Temukan
Jika Anda tertarik dengan dunia kartun, sebagai penggemar yang suka mendengar tentang segala hal yang berkaitan dengan animasi, Anda akan merasa seperti di rumah sendiri dengan koleksi podcast ini.

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1. podcast o animaci a práci animátora volného času v Česku a na Slovensku! Dozvíte se všecho ze světa animace a animačních služeb v cestovním ruchu. 1. podcast o animácii a práci animátora voľného času v Česku a na Slovensku. Dozviete sa všetko zo sveta animácie a animačných služieb v cestovnom ruchu.
Matsy and Micah are a couple of cartoon enthusiasts who have decided to torture/enlighten themselves by assigning each other classic cartoons to watch. Hear them discuss animation from the old days, and decide whether your childhood has been ruined, or if you need to revisit some hidden gems.
Twin animators Tom and Tony Bancroft get together and talk about their Disney Animation past, the present animation business, and the future of animation. Interviews with talented artists, inspirational words, and wild speculation will help you grow as a person - or not. Sponsored by - your destination for the art instruction you need. See for online animation, character design, illustration, comic arts, cartoon creation and more.
Welcome to AIP, the Animation Industry Podcast! Here you'll find interviews from today's top leadaers in the animation industry on topics like: *the best way to pitch a show *how to successfully market your work online *what kind of skills will get your dream job *and more! Who's running this podcast? My name is Terry, and I'm a stop motion animator. I'm soaking up as much knowledge about the animation industry as I can, and sharing what I learn along the way. For more information about this ...
Join Ben Mitchell, Steve Henderson, Laura-Beth Cowley and guests for Skwigly's animation podcasts, where interviews with world famous industry legends and skilled craftspeople go alongside cheery conversations about the world of animation. You can select from our sub-categories: Skwigly Film Club, Intimate Animation, Independent Animation and the main Skwigly Animation Podcast.
Christopher Holliday researches animation history and digital media at King's College London (UK). Alexander Sergeant is a Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at University of Portsmouth (UK), specialising in the history and theory of fantasy cinema. Each episode, they look in detail at a film or television show, taking listeners on a journey through the intersection between fantasy cinema and the medium of animation.
Get your animation fix with animation addicts just like you! The Animation Addicts Podcast is a show about the wonderful world of animation: Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar & everything in between! Each episode the hosts—Morgan Stradling & Chelsea Robson—discuss a different animation film and have a hilarious, in-depth, nerdy discussion about it. Take a trip down memory lane as we review old childhood favorites or discuss the latest box office releases, in addition to interviews with your favorite ...
Welcome to Dreaming Machine - a show dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more! Now the more observant among you will have noticed the slight alteration of our original name of Keyframe to include our new name, and this is in fact purposeful as Keyframe will be moving to Youtube while Dreaming Machine remains as a podcast, There's exciting things ahead in this new and revamped version of our classic podcast.
Animation Happy Hour

Animation Happy Hour

Garrett Lewis, Katie Low, Ben Girmann

Animation Happy Hour is a monthly podcast hosted by three feature film animators - Garrett Lewis, Katie Low, and Ben Girmann. Our podcast mission is to provide practical advice for students, job-seekers, and animation enthusiasts on how to break into all aspects of the animation industry.
Welcome to For the Republic: A Love Letter to Star Wars Animation! A podcast where we will deep-dive into every story arc of The Clone Wars and discuss our personal connections to the Star Wars universe! Hosted by Andrew (@StarlightAndrew), Don (@DonovanMeade), Conor (@DepaBanana), and Jake (JediJake__)! Support this podcast:
This podcast will discuss my current projects as a Junior at Emerson College majoring in Animation & Motion media. Mainly my progress, setbacks, and technical issues. Includes screencaps, pictures, audio, movies, and ultimately the final project.
The Animation Podcast is the place for discussion about the craft of animation. Shows will feature interviews with some of animation's greatest talent, focusing on their personal perspective of the artform. Created by a professional animator for people who love animation or are just plain curious.
---- Situational Animations updated weekly. Stay tuned with us !! ---- We are a leading e-learning company specializing in publishing and producing textbooks, animations, games, mobile apps and customized services for all the Chinese learners. Website Facebook Twitter!/TKBHuayuSchool App Blog Youtube
The Animation Podcast

The Animation Podcast

Ephraim Birney - Animation Critic, Animation Podcaster, Animation Industry Journalist

The Animation Podcast, hosted by Ephraim Birney, is a weekly animation news, commentary, and review podcast. As a ardent and enthusiastic animation aficionado, Mr. Birney discusses what is going on in the animation industry, whether it’s Walt Disney Pictures Animation, Anime, Marvel Animation, DC Universe Animated Original Movies, an animated TV show that airs on Fox, FX, FXX, Comedy Central, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network, everything is up for grabs. Be warned: You will be edifi ...
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show series
Welcome to a special edition of the For The Republic Podcast! Join Andrew (@StarlightAndrew) and special guest David of "The Star Wars Historians Show" (@SWHistorian) as they discuss the new Star Wars young-adult novel Queen's Hope by E.K. Johnston! We give our thoughts on the conclusion of Johnston's Padmé Amidala trilogy - the strengths and nuanc…
This episode features stop motion animator Jace Wertz, who quit his job in retail to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker. Since then he’s set up a complete studio in his home and has gone on to become a stop motion animator, cg animator, editor, director, audio wizard, and more. In fact, he was recently featured in a WEDU Arts Pl…
Join along for a Nerdy Couch Discussion podcast as we discuss the riveting case of Cruella De Vile V. Roger Davies and more in episode 251 of the Animation Addicts Podcast! Join the RotoNation community on Patreon and get ad-free episodes, exclusive content & more! Follow us at and on social media with Instagram and YouTube Learn mo…
I've been reviewing movies on YouTube for 5 years, so I figured I'd better make a video to mark the occasion! For links to my latest episodes & videos, social media, and more, check out my Link Tree! --- Send in a voice message:
The podcast welcomes professional film editor, director, visual effects artist, animator and singer, Nina Helene Hertin to discuss her career and journey working in the world of blockbuster film animation and special effects. Nina has worked on films including Ant-man & The Wasp, Gozilla Vs Kong, and Venom, as well as the TV series Duncanville. Che…
Episode 97 of the podcast takes on the intergalactic conflicts and rebel alliances of Rogue One (Gareth Edwards, 2016), an anthology feature film and prequel to Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977) that tells the origin story of the ‘Rogue One’ starfighter squadron and the creation of the Death Star. Special guest for this episode is Dr Jonathan Wroot, w…
Welcome to the latest edition of The AFA Podcast Interview series. This time Evan Vernon got the chance to sit down (virtually) with Nina Helene Hirten, a multi-hyphenate whose varied career has seen her work as editor, previsualization artist, post-production and more across live-action and animation as well as founding her own studio. Most recent…
Hey everyone we're back with another episode, this week we're tackling the animated documentary that was nominated for best animated feature 2021. Come join our conversation as we talk about the aspirations for this film and the emotions that seeing this journey had on all of us. FB: Draw Me A Story IG: @dmas.podcast TW: @DMASpodcast Luis: @drawn2m…
Brother-sister duo Philip and Samara review 'Moon Knight' from Marvel Studios on Disney Plus. The Oscar Isaac-led, six-part series follows Steven Grant, a museum employee and ancient-Egypt enthusiast living in London who suffers from dissociative spells, often finding himself in strange places and perilous situations with no memory of how he got th…
We're talking about sports this week, and in doing so, we've stumbled upon two famous/infamous cartoons that everyone wants to talk about! First, we watch little ponies learn the best way to play Buckball in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And then we watch the Mario Bros. participate in a dubious bike race in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.…
Good is No Fun at All… Gather your crew for quite the caper this week as Stanford & Marc review the new DreamWorks film THE BAD GUYS. Discussion about the end of Scrat, Hayden Christensen binged Star Wars animation, our weekly recommendations including YOUNG JUSTICE & Floyd Norman at the TCM Film Festival, all that plus much more... News Pixar Crea…
Originally recorded on YouTube Live on April 8, 2022. Audio Edited by Kiara Horowitz. Croods, How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda - Stephen Candell has built so many amazing rigs for them, and now... he has one of the best independent character creation studios out there! Interviewer Scott Wiser is a Director at Spacestation Animation and the c…
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