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615- Twitter fame; injury lulz; doing a Harold Holt; French banana skins; peaking too early; out for blood; sniping into irrelevancy; lifting the lid; a poor man’s Langford; shortcuts through the desert; rewriting history; troll complaints; and breaking exclusive news stories.Oleh
608- Dan’s existential crisis; the most interesting player; handball calls; playing the clarinet; TMI spoilers; Chinese proverbs; non-aggressive contact; the Ralph Wiggum moment; Jeff’s succession plan; doing a Willy Wonka; sad threads; talking in whispers; and the worst of both worlds.Oleh
604- Ant and Bender return to the Flogcast. Creating errors; umpire tanking; fence erosion; maintaining the rage; long-term side-effects; Dermie’s academy; commentary bots; cleaning lockers; downskirting; profiting off pokies; doing a Wona; shouting your name; and the best player in the competition.Oleh
601- The Flogcast returns for season 2018. Doing a Vickery; new Flogcast resolutions; domesticated possums; the women's spoon; the Mo Hope Cup; back in the Doghouse; confirming the stereotype; spiraling out of control; riding the rollercoaster; no backsies; the poor club; Zimbabwean points; and Dan gets diagnosed.…
533- The Outtakes from season 2017 on the Flogcast. Dan the stalker; second friends; famous Norf supporters; the Escobar wing; racial profiling; flower economics; the red vest; hosting the Brownlow; a dick-off; Packie's Creek; the Bigfooty 20%; age restrictions; and the golden ticket.Oleh
527- Wooshette joins the Flogcast. The biggest reacharound; biased references; preferred margins; a culture of blame; concern for Richmond; school transmitted diseases; convenient nicknames; the TrAFL; Waite FC; eligible youth; twice in a lifetime; necro-bumping; and the walking dead.Oleh
525- Papering over cracks; so-called journalists; the best day ever; coming like Carlton; entertaining chase downs; a fairytale ending; killing Kenny; a full flight schedule; going by the vibe; AA mistakes; alternate realities; good Melbourne supporters; and Starburns’ nemesis strikes again.Oleh
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