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LATTER-DAY SAINT CULTURE & THEOLOGY Cwic Show articulates the current cultural, political, and Church-related trends that affect our lives and the Church. Also, Cwic Media offers a new approach to the scriptures through its Cwic Interpreters. Theology, History, No fluff. LDS, Mormon. Unscripted! 'I have been looking for an LDS podcast like this! Not like anything else out there!' Unique, weekly Come Follow Me LDS Commentary Latter-Day Saints, Christian Book of Mormon New Testament Old Testam ...
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Hayden Paul, from the Stick of Joseph, and his wife Savannah discuss gender roles, how our culture targets the family, and how they have been affected by these "philosophies of men" in their lives. How does the Family Proclamation stand up against our current culture? Website - www.cwicmedia.comOleh Greg Matsen
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There has been much criticism of the Indian Placement Program conducted in the last century, but so many participants have confirmed their positive experiences with it. In this episode, Betty LaFontaine, a child participant in the program, gives a detailed account of her experiences in the program and what it has meant to her. How did she hold on t…
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The term "Liberation" has been appropriated to mean the opposite of Liberty. Liberty fights for agency, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Order of God. Liberation fights against all these things. The War in Heaven may first be about the disparity that agency creates. Seeing the disparity, Lucifer concludes that he must remove agency from God's plan a…
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