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Some are famous. Some are infamous. Everybody has a story and that story can be heard on “Podcast Chit Chat.” Podcast Chit Chat,” is hosted by the award winning journalist Bob Huhn. Bob allows his guests to be the star, as he asks questions and get responses to what the average person wants to know. Bob’s natural curiosity to learn the who, what, how and why of his guests, along with his dry and intelligent sense of humor, makes Bob one of the standout interviewers in the industry.
Ever listen to music and think that the lyrics make absolutely no sense? WELL SAME! Each episode Hardeep Dhadda (@hardzillaa) & Yasser Ranjha (@helloyasser) discuss some of the most funny, stupid and questionable lyrics in your favourite (and not so favourite) songs!
It happens to us all everyday...someone does something or says something and it just leaves you mind boggled thinking "Huh?" This podcast will discuss just that and we will keep it light, entertaining, short and sweet. Hopefully we can together make sense of those things that leave us thinking "Huh?" And don't worry, I realize you are a busy person so all episodes will be under 3 minutes.
Sweater wearing, kitchen idolizing, wine drinking hosts Kelly Hill and Meaghan Devine love Nancy Meyers. Like really love her. This is a Nancy Meyers breakdown podcast where we will watch, analyze and discuss all things Nancy Meyers (related and non-related.) The main goal of this podcast is to find our own version of Eli Wallach and do water aerobics together.
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Warning, if you do not want to have fun or laugh a lot then don’t listen to this episode of PodcastChitChat because it is hilarious. The brilliant and oh yeah, extremely funny, comic/hypnotist Flip Orley discusses many, many topics such as being a hypnotist, his life including his five marriages and his new book, “Just Now: You Can’t Make This Sh*t…
Former Phoenix Cardinal Luis Sharpe and his daughter Rebecca discuss the former All-Pro's drug addiction, his battle to stay clean and Rebecca talks about the affect it had on the family.Oleh Podcast Chit Chat with Bob Huhn
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