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iFlourish Radio

iFlourish Radio

The Flourish Network, Inc.

Our platform is designed to empower and inspire women both personally and professionally. Each episode within iFlourish Radio features amazing women that are passionate about seeing others succeed. Our desire is that every woman that connects with our organization realizes that she has special gifts and talents,vthat can only be performed by her. There is nothing more beautiful, than seeing someone realize their divine purpose. "Your purpose is your life song, so sing loudly and FLOURISH! " ...
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Everything we see, from galaxies to capybaras, is made of matter. But matter has a mirrored version of itself known as antimatter. If the two come into contact they annihilate one another, turning into pure energy. Why does the universe prefer one over the other? This is a fundamental mystery of the universe, and at the forefront of the search for …
It’s no secret that species extinction and biodiversity loss are making our environment increasingly less stable. As it feels like we inch closer to waving goodbye to threatened animals like the Javan rhino, a question springs to mind: How do we know when a species is extinct? How, for instance, do we know there aren’t some animals left just hiding…
We live in a society that idolizes youth for sure, but also with age comes wisdom. However, aging is not all it’s cracked up to be. Could we keep getting older without the drawbacks of being old? Other animals do it, so maybe one day it could apply to humans too. In this episode, host Dr Alfredo Carpineti is joined by Dr Andrew Steele, author of Ag…
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