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"Uudis+" on päevane uudistemagasin, mis kommenteerib ja analüüsib päevasündmusi nii Eestist kui välismaalt.Saates räägitakse lahti oluliste päevakajaliste sündmuste ja pikemaajaliste arengute tagamaad, põhjused ja võimalikud lahendused. Oma osa on saates ka meedia-, majandus-, regionaal-, kultuuri- ja ühiskonnaelukommentaaridel. Saadet teevad Arp Müller, Lauri Varik, Margitta Otsmaa, Mirko Ojakivi, Merilin Pärli ja Madis Hindre. Kontakt: on eetris E-R kell 12.15.
Come out of the conservative closet...You'll be glad you did. Join the original #Uncloseted Conservative, Joe Mobley, as we interview dynamic guests exploring culture, politics, and how to share your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs without fear of being canceled. Be bold. Be courageous. Be an uncloseted conservative.
In August of 2019, Joe Walsh did something he never expected he would do — he decided to run for president … against Donald Trump. Joe made that decision because he knew that President Trump had to be defeated, and no other Republican was willing to stand up and accept the challenge. Joe’s presidential campaign came to an end after the Iowa caucuses. He saw firsthand that Republican voters don’t want honesty or decency in the White House. They just want Donald Trump. It’s now clear: the Repu ...
Fmr. The Michael Brooks Show crew Matt Lech & David Griscom work to cover & build a strong, popular, working-class rooted, no BS Socialist Left. With a special focus on the international struggle and Texas, the South, & the West. The weekly show is live on Youtube @ 7 Central with Griscom streams on Tuesday afternoon.
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Maximillian Alvarez (@maximillian_alv) of the Working People podcast and The Real News join us this week to discuss spectres of a strikewave, "the great resignation," right wing attempts to obfuscate what's happening, and fantasy football. Also on the show: getting serious about climate with Shell Oil and saving Russell Brand from cryptoreactionary…
Christian, Iranian immigrant, and pissed off parent Dimis Christophy joins the show to discuss our crazy school boards, cultural issues, and much more. Follow on YT | @dimischristophy, @ImmigrantCorner ___________________________________________________ This episode is sponsored by The Joe Mobley Show Shop The Joe Mobley Show Shop 👉🛒 https://thejoe…
This is unlocked bonus content - to get access to ur back catalog and future bonus episodes support the show at David and Matt discuss Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program, an important work of later Marx where he takes political phrasemakers to task and articulates what socialism is meant to mean. The Critique as an audio…
Tim Black unboxes the Dave Chappelle fall out, NBA Fraud Scandal, Jacob Blake updates, and the latest in the Former Minneapolis Police Officer, Mohamed Noor's resentencing trial. There are also some down right rude callers you don't want to miss. Things get a little spicey. Follow this podcast.Oleh The Tim Black Show
Jacobin video editor Cale Brooks joins us tonight, check out his most recent piece in Jacobin here, an interview on NGOism: David and Matt also discuss Sinema and the Austerity Friends defending her, and the insane prosecution of Steven Donziger.…
For decades, believers have ceded more and more ground. They took the rainbow, sent by God in Genesis 9 as a symbol of his promises, and we did nothing. They pushed prayer out of schools, our means of communicating directly with the creator of the universe, and we did nothing. More and more believers are feeling pressures at work, school, and in so…
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