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That Was Us with Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon is the ultimate podcast for self-congratulation. The podcast is an oral history of all things invented by Mike and Travis as well as monumental events in which they participated. Sometimes, they have extra partners with whom the credit is shared; other times, it's just the duo, but every time is special. Listen to the podcast critics are calling "hard to find" and "is this even out yet?"
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Ian Douglas Terry (@IanDouglasTerry Crom Comedy Fest!) joins the boys to talk about inventing wrestling. Mike's computer hasn't been working so sorry for the delay. Also check out Mike (My First Time) and Travis (Sainte Celine/Stand-Up Guide to Montreal) in Off-JFL/Zoofest @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn Theme by For The Birds. mikecarrozza.com donate butt…
Mike and Travis put on the first ever live show with Dimitri Kyres and Ladies & Gentlemen (Chris Sandiford and Daniel Carin) Theme song by For the Birds. @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn @danielcarin @ohchris @dimitrikyres forthebirdsofficial.bandcamp.comOleh Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon
Our guest Dave Merheje (@DaveMerheje MTV Canada, Just For Laughs, everything awesome) joins us to discuss how we invented Shazam. Check out our sponsor pochesetfils.com and forthebirdsofficial.bandcamp.com Thanks for the new theme song! mikecarrozza.com @mikecarrozza @trvscnnnOleh Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon
Donate to us at mikecarrozza.com Hey rate and review on iTunes, too! Yay! In this bonus episode, Chris Middleton helps Travis with his entrance skills and then they discuss movies and such. As well as sponsors. @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn @actuallychrisOleh Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon
Daniel Carin joins Mike and Travis to discuss how they invented modern cinema. They then play a round of Build-a-Title inspired by Doug Loves Movies! Enjoy and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes. Or maybe how about donating to us for a live show? Hey that'd be swell! @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn @danielcarin thatwasusmtl@gmail.com…
The boys invite old college roommate Serag Meletian to the show to discuss their inventing of Pop Art and Pop Tarts! @meletianfalcon @trvscnnn @mikecarrozza mikecarrozza.com thatwasumtl@gmail.com Email us if you want to give us a new theme song! Brought to you by the Annekin MannequinOleh Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon
Mike and Travis invite a guest to discuss his invention in a very special That Was Us with Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon (I'm Mike Carrozza; and I'm Travis Cannon). Jason Hatrick comes to discuss his invention of "ennui". @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn @jasonhatrick mikecarrozza.comOleh That Was Us
Welcome back, (insert name of what we call our fans)! It's time to #SLURPITUP! Season TWO begins right NOW! with Mike and Travis and old college roommate Kevin Shustack. We discuss beaches and cleaning supplies and being cheated out of a lot of money. Follow us on Twitter @mikecarrozza @trvscnnn @kevinshustack…
Mike and Travis invite old pal Rachel Gendron on this episode of That Was Us with Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon. The gang gains their old sea legs as they recount how they came together to invent hammocks in a time of intense crisis. Follow us on Twitter @mikecarrozza and @trvscnnnOleh Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon
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