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La Veu de Sant Joan

Mixtures és un programa d’agitació musical que vol fomentar la curiositat per les músiques del món i redescobrir els clàssics de la música popular. Cada setmana Mixtures presenta quatre seccions fixes: la novetat, la descoberta, el concert i el record; on tot buscant la diversitat vol donar a conèixer el context que envolta cada proposta musical. Mixtures és un programa on totes les músiques són possibles. Un programa presentat i dirigit per Gaspar Tarrida.
The Mixshowmadness radio podcast. host by legendary Rampage of Flipmode Squad.Syndicated around the world on 171 Digital Radio stations Cross the country. Having those exclusive celebrity interviews playing that Exclusive new music and official Classic 90s 80s Hiphop & R&B reggae And Dancehall Everybody stay plugged in this DjRampage heatdjs numberone. Mixshowmadness radio podcast is fire.On every digital platform push the button Also check out DJ Rampage on LL Cool j Rock The Bells July 4 w ...
Der MIXEDCAST (mixed.de) ist Deutschlands Podcast über Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Künstliche Intelligenz und generell neue Formen der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion. Wir sprechen über Themen wie Virtual Reality für Games, Entertainment und das Business, neue Augmented-Reality-Technologien oder Transhumanisums und wie sich die Beziehung zwischen Mensch, Computer und digitaler Welt verändert.
Mixtaping Identity is a music podcast about the songs that make us. Each week, I chat to a new guest about songs that make them feel happy, sad, motivated, songs that remind them of people and places, songs that connect us. My guests follow the same 15 song template and you can hear new playlists every Monday, and new shows every Thursday. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
Militantly Mixed, is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week host Sharmane a.k.a MixedAuntieMane, speaks with Mixed-Race people from all over the world about their lives and coming to terms with their ownth ethnic and cultural identities.
EwONE! Radio Mixshow - Official Podcast

EwONE! Radio Mixshow - Official Podcast

EwONE! (Instagram: @djewone / Twitter: @djewone / FB: @djewone)

FRANCAIS: EwONE! vous invite à télécharger chaque semaine le podcast de son émission radio (sans les speaks et sans les coupures pubs), avec les dernières nouveautés HH/R&B et des sessions "classics" à ne pas manquer. Alors faites-vous plaisir !!! ENGLISH: EwONE! invites you every weeks to download the podcast of his radio mixshow (without speaks and commercials breaks) including the latest news HH/R&B as well as some classics! Go ahead and enjoy it !!!
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Today we celebrate Soul, Funk, and Disco on The Nu Soul Radio Mixshow. We rounded up some of the finest and freshest takes on CLASSIC tunes and Coco mixed up all the ingredients and baked them into a delicious Electrik Cake!! Bring you a plate and enjoy some of dance music's tastiest slices. Also, please listen up for the Electrik Cake Slice Of The…
Полная версия в RUTUBE и Yandex Zenrutube.ru/video/cfbb977aaa323f…И другие Трекиdzen.ru/video/watch/63017fa2f4…dzen.ru/video/watch/630172293c…dzen.ru/video/watch/63017e613c…dzen.ru/video/watch/630035f422…dzen.ru/video/watch/62fd8353fd…dzen.ru/video/watch/630055a9ee…dzen.ru/video/watch/6308607cd6…dzen.ru/video/watch/63052d1ebc…dzen.ru/video/watch/62…
ЗОЛОТЫЕ СЛИВКИ ОЛД-ТРАНСА ! Tekara, DSP, Mash Up, Li Kwan, всего лишь несколько псевдонимов, которые Мэтт Дэри использует, чтобы подарить незабываемые моменты клабберам по всему миру. --- Tekara, DSP, Mash Up, Li Kwan, just a few alias which Matt Darey use to give unforgetable moments for clubbers around the globe. --- PLAYING TRACKS BY Li Kwan, Ma…
Öwnboss is the genius behind 2022's hit 'Move Your Body', which reaches an average of 100,000 plays per day on Spotify. Together with the Brazilian superstar Vintage Culture, he created other massive hits such as 'Intro' and 'No place'.Lukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol, his full name, already released his music on numerous major labels such as Spinnin' r…
This was a fun one because this guy gave me the idea to start this segment and we definately get on some hills that people are going to not agree with but hopefully will listen to the reasoning. Thanks to Mike 2.0 for guesting on the show and bringing the hills to stand on today. #Podcast #MixTapes #Beatles #Queen #Opinion #Thoughts #Takes #Rock #M…
Sexual & Reproductive Health awareness is celebrated every year in September and we are here for it I'm in conversation with the director of Famia Planea Aruba, Evelyn Ras Yarzagaray and one of their Information, Education and Communication support staff, Ghislaine Koeiman Sincerely, Carolina Sincerely, Carolina is powered by Sopi Mix Studio, Lindy…
Jay Ruston began his recording career in Canada in the early 1990’s, training under legendary producer Jack Richardson (Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Guess Who). In 2003, Jay relocated to Los Angeles where he quickly fell in favor of producers such as Desmond Child and Peter Asher. Since then, Jay has produced or mixed records for Anthrax, Steel Pan…
Tracklist: MEGAMIX CLASSIC: - Boy A Tope (Megamix Radio) ---------------------------------------------------- - S-Express - Theme From S' Express (The Return Trip) (Tony De Vit 12'' Mix) - JX - Son Of A Gun (JX & Red Jerry Flog The Horse Remix) - Black Box - Bright On Time (94 Remix) - C.Y.B. - Come On Boy (C.Y.B. Bernetic Body Mix) - Celvin Rotane…
It's been a while. Please enjoy my new Techno-Industrial mix. This is a loud one folks, bordering on rhythmic noise at times, and very few of my bouncier track inserts LOL! youtube.com/c/martyrdj mixcloud.com/martyrdj soundcloud.com/martyrdj hearthis.at/frequenz-mixshow If you'd like to support: Paypal: paypal.me/amynekrotique or Venmo: @martyr-dj …
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