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Heard about pet probiotics and want to know more? We're not talking supplements though... so listen to find out more! Our naturally-sourced products are not probiotic supplements for your pet to eat or drink... These pet care and pet-safe cleaning products contain similar healthy 'good' bacteria (probiotics) to supplements, but are applied externally for extra benefits. This means you can apply helpful probiotics directly to your pet's skin, teeth, ears and eyes using sprays and shampoo. You ...
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Probiotics is a major global industry. But like any industry, it had to have a beginning. Natasha Trenev is the daughter of an Eastern European family where the manufacturing of yogurt was a generational business. When Natasha emigrated to the US in the 1960’s, she brought with her 750 years of family experience with probiotics – and introduced the science (and the term itself) to her new country. Today, Natasha’s California-based Natren, Inc. is the recognized pioneer in probiotics and comp ...
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