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This is a sample episode of what we will hopefully be doing monthly for Patreon subscribers. For those of you familiar with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 this is basically the same premise. We joke and talk over a movie incessantly which you watch at home. It’s quite jarring and no one’s sure why anyone would want this. But if you ever wanted to wat…
My first ever podcast. I started a movement called Riparadise which is short for rest in paradise or r.i.p. I want everyone that hears this to message me on my channel so that I can also publish yours r.i.p message. Let’s keep this going. I want to unify the people because we have something in common and that is the burden of loss. Simply tell me y…
This week we go down under to investigate the many bizarre and wonderfull mysteries of Australia. Black Mountain, Cryptids, Romantic walks on the beach that end in visits from the afterlife, ghost trains, Min min lights, disapearing Prim Ministers and many more.Oleh Podcast for the Recently Deceased
Its off to the UK this month to check out some stories of UFOs messing with the locals. We discuss the only UK incident where a UFO is legally accused of assault on Robert Taylor, The ultimate badass lady Joyce Bowles, The mysterious death of Zigmund Adamski and the UFO hotspot of TodmordenOleh Podcast for the Recently Deceased
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