EP278: The 5 Reasons Writers Don’t Write (ReRun)


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Ever wondered why you can't just sit down and write? There are many many reasons but here are the 5 most common ones. Tune in to find out why you're not alone, why you're NOT just making excuses (despite what some of the shamey messages on the internet might tell you) and what you can do to get started and keep writing. Also a joyful plug for the 4th Moxie Books FWrite Night—come and play!

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Vicky is solo this podcast episode! What’s she reading right now?

[4:40] Why do writers don’t write? The biggest excuse is they don’t have time!

[6:40] Everyone is busy but there is a deeper excuse underneath that.

[7:30] Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

[9:15] Action causes motivation which causes inspiration and that causes more action and the cycle repeats in a good way!

[11:40] Just start by writing 200 crappy words a day! Anyone can do that!

[12:25] Vicky can’t wait to run a writing retreat...in person!

[13:15] The world needs to be open and honest. The world needs to talk more about politics, religion, and money without having the family throw food at each other!

[15:15] The ‘angry black woman’ stereotype is horrible and disgusting.

[17:25] Why are Russians so blunt?

[21:25] Have you used any of those excuses before? Well, maybe it’s time to start writing your book. Vicky gives you permission!

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