Soil and Soul project - bringing soils to life for the people


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Our guest host, Katie Revell, invites you to hear a sample of stories from the Soil and Soul project.

The stories explore the importance of soil as a precious and threatened living resource for growing our food and how local community groups in Glasgow have worked to connect to and care for their soils.

Soil and Soul was a collaboration between the British Society of Soil Science, a Glasgow-based group of artists called Open Jar Collective and Propagate. Propagate are a worker-led collective focused on local, community and sustainable food projects, and the podcasts document soil workshops they run with Glasgow community groups over the last year. The project was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The Soil and Soul podcasts were part of the exhibition at the World Congress of Soil Science, held in Glasgow in August 2022, to highlight to the delegates that “ordinary people” care deeply about soil if they are given the chance.

Katie Revell is a podcast producer, a member of the Open Jar Collective and SCCAN’s Storytelling Circle.

If you’d like to hear more of the Soil and Soul podcasts, you can find them on


Production and editing: Katie Revell

Music: Blue Dot Sessions

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