WATC Talk Radio with Vince Whitfield


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WATC( We Are the Champions) Sports is a national, preeminent, and professional league of the highest caliber Djs/Atheletes/Teams. The purpose of WATC Sports is to highlight and promote the art of turntablisim as well as introduce the art of Turntablisim as a sport. Vince Whitfield brings you an exciting show as he responds to emails, give you info and plays his indi picks of the week. The WATC hosts several competitions throughout the U.S. for the public allowing the top DJs in the country to compete for the WATC Titles, Championship Belts and other prizes. The WATC title belts are of the highest quality of professional belts. Our belts are close to 10 lbs and are made by the same designer and company that makes belts for the World Boxing Associations. Our designer has made belts for Champions such as Tyson, Mayweather, Cotto, Holyfield, Marques, Morales, Barrera, De la hoya, Judah, Rey Mercer, and the great Muhammad Ali to name a few.

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