An Interview with Carol Boyce (S4060)


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My guest, Carol Boyce, is a British homeopath, teacher, activist, filmmaker, and then some. She's been traveling around the world on behalf of homeopathy since graduating in 1985.

Carol speaks with me today about the recent attacks on homeopathy and homeopaths in the UK, and where it call started.

Check out her new organization, Homeopathy International :

"..we support other international organisations in their fight to retain patient access to homeopathic medicine. We enable patients, who want to exercise their right to choose homeopathy, to find well-trained homeopaths. We provide the public with the facts about homeopathy so they can understand its potential as a viable alternative, and explain the ongoing threat at work to prevent patient access to this safe, effective, sustainable system of medicine."

Read her articles about the efforts against homeopathy here:

Blog about the Science and Technology Committee hearings and ratification report

Deconstruction and explanation of the Shang et al paper that was the first overt attempt to discredit homeopathy on the placebo only argument – it is still quoted today.

See excerpts of her film here:

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