Homeopathy One- Day Two (S2026)


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The Homeopathy One Conference in Bruges, Belgium, October 13-15 was a bold experiment, envisioned and created by Rajan Sankaran and Frederick Schroyens and their Homeopathy-One team.

Join me as I share the sounds of Bruges and my experience at the conference:

-interviews with participating homeopaths who traveled from America, the UK, India, and more

-key take-aways from presentations by master homeopaths Frederick Schroyens, Massimo Mangialavore, Jeremy Sherr, Marcelo Candegabe, Michal Yakir, Jan Scholten, Jonathan Hardy, and Rajan Sankaran.

- what happens when the above masters all hear and analyze the same case... with surprising results.

Two hundred and eighty people attended the conference... let's share it with thousands!

This episode covers Day Two. Be sure to check out the previous episode, covering Day One as it sets the stage. The final installment will cover day Three, the live case plus reviewing the pre-conference interview with Rajan Sankaran and Frederick Schroyens back in April.

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