Episode 20 - Meantime in Between Time


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In this episode Mia & Christie's topic is "The Cycles of Life - Meantime in Between Time."
Walking out your spiritual journey requires a lot of change, growth and shedding of old patterns and adopting new ones. This happens in cycles which can be seen in several areas of life (season, daytime, night time, the cycles of the moon). Phases of our life come to an end, and a new chapter begins. However what do you do when you find yourself stuck in between cycles, waiting?

Topics of Discussion:

  1. How to know when a cycle of your life is coming to an end
  2. What can you do while you are in a holding pattern?
  3. How to deal with your emotions during this time (grief, anticipation, etc)
  4. It's okay to set boundaries and retreat to protect your space

...and more.
We continue to receive several questions on our platform and we truly appreciate them. Keep those questions and comments about any of the episodes coming our way. We hope this episode will help those who are seeking answers.
Tune in for this week's crystal, intuitive message for the collective and temple work!
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Abundance of GRATITUDE!
Christie & Mia

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