203k Renovations


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Construction is never an easy task, however, it is important to understand every step and every process. A.M. Renovation Consulting has taken the non-traditional approach with respect to the consultant. We have become proactive in all facets of the process, from the initial inspection to the final "sign offs". The typical role of the renovation consultant was to react to the renovation request and try to service the loan. Today, AM
Renovation Consulting not only provides a level of service unsurpassed within the industry but also creates an environment that helps insure that your renovation project will be completed timely and in a cost effective manner.
This radio show will help both home owners and service providers navigate the 203k process - we are here to help - call in each week to listen to great guests and ask your questions! It is easy and it is free - what more could you ask for - OK we will make it fun too!

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