Diaspora Diary


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With Diaspora Diary, Donna is connecting the global Black community by sharing stories of #BlackExcellence across the African diaspora. From creatives in Rwanda, to entrepreneurs in Jamaica, the featured guests and dynamic conversations show us that there are many paths to success, and the African diaspora is excelling in every facet of life. The interviewees are achievers, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and gamechangers, most of whom beat the odds and defied the status quo to get to where they are. If you’re interested in learning more about life in the African diaspora, challenging the traditional narratives about black culture and people, traveling more, building your own business, and setting yourself apart, Diaspora Diary is the show for you! Visit DonnaTruly.com for show notes, follow @donnatruly and @diasporadiary on social media, and say hello at donna@donnatruly.com.

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