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Drew and Sam are actors. They haven’t won any Academy Awards yet, and neither of them are in line to be the new James Bond (sorry Sam), but between them they do have over half a century’s worth of experience in the industry. Many months ago a combination of boredom, significantly reduced work opportunities (thanks pandemic!) and overactive and under-stimulated imaginations inspired them to create a podcast, and somehow they’re still at it. Join the Drewling Samantics chaps every Sunday (or download and listen later) as they give an entertaining insight into how their industry works - from modelling to voiceover, theatre to film, and television to streamed media, the gents talk about all areas of performance artistry, giving an insider view that is sometimes humorous, often eye-opening or poignant, and at times just downright strange! With regular guest appearances and the odd special ‘on location’ segment, Drewling Samantics brings something unique and fresh to the world of podcasts from two normal blokes, working in a rather abnormal industry.

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