15-Year-Old Parenting Montana Tools


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Your fifteen-year-old needs to take risks in order to exercise their responsible decision-making abilities. Also, their need to belong becomes even greater as they assert their independence. These challenges are a normal part of your teen’s development. Now is the right time to grow a trusting relationship with your teen and encourage them to manage their own actions, problem solve, and make healthy choices. Knowing effective ways to support your teen is not easy. ParentingMontana.org offers parents and those in a parenting role a process and tools to assist them on their parenting journey. This podcast provides resources that will enable you to work with your teen to develop the social and emotional skills required for a healthy future. Engaging your teen in honest discussions, using the process available in this podcast, will nurture the relationship necessary for navigating the teen years and beyond. The teen years come with so much excitement as well as challenges to navigate. ParentingMontana.org offers parents and those in a parenting role tools to support teens through this important time of growth in their lives. The Montana Department of Health and Human Services collaborated with the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University to promote healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral development via ParentingMontana.org. Although originally created as resources for parents in Montana, the tools available can assist parents and those in a parenting role everywhere. The five-step process: Gain Input, Teach, Practice, Support, and Recognize, helps you engage your teen in problem solving while building a healthy relationship. As you gain confidence using the process with your teen, you will have the ability to face challenges today and in the future. A trusting relationship and communication are the foundation needed to teach your teen to overcome obstacles and gain the skills needed for lifelong success. The specific tools available for parenting your fifteen-year-old include: Anger, Back Talk, Bullying, Chores, Confidence, Conflict, Discipline, Establishing Rules About Alcohol, Friends, Homework, Listening, Lying, Mixed Messages About Alcohol, Peer Pressure, Reading, Routines, and Stress. Listen now to support your teen in gaining the skills needed for a bright future!

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