Do More Better


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Do More Better is a psychology podcast hosted by two professionals in the field for over 12 years. Dr. Andrew Heckman and Dr. Wesley Sheeley respond to listener questions, discuss recent research, evaluate popular topics in therapy, consider various aspects of treatment, and expand on popular phenomena in the field; all with a bit of humor.If you've ever had a question about your child's behavior, how to evaluate and find resources for your mental health needs, or are interested more about how human thoughts, emotions, and behavior impact the world around us, Do More Better is the place to join others in doing so and find quality information for moving forward.Find us on YouTube and all major podcast platforms under "Do More Better" and send any questions or comments to our Instagram @DMBPsychology. Check the top right corner of the page for links to our Instagram, and donation and merchandise sites to help support the show.

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