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Hi! We’re Lacey & Flynn and we f**cking love having sex together. But it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago, we were barely having sex at all. Lacey didn’t want to anymore and Flynn wasn’t happy about it. Instead of breaking up though, we decided to dig into exactly what was going on. How was it possible we’d gone from loads of sex in that honeymoon phase to completely cold between the sheets? We began a mission to explore all the reasons sex dries up in longterm relationships and that’s what we’re bringing you in this show. From resistance to rejection, non-existent sex drives to constant arguments, we’re going to give you the ins and outs of why your sex life isn’t working then show you what to do about it. After years of healing our own relationship by committing to our sex lives like it was our business, we made helping other people with their sex lives our actual business. Since then, we’ve taught thousands of singles and couples around the world via our online course Sex Elevated, how to talk about sex, how to ask for what they want, how to heal their baggage and ultimately, have epic, soulful and satisfying sex lives. On this Podcast, we’ll be teaching you (and showing you!) everything we’ve learned through our private lives, our studies and our experience helping thousands of people in the same boat. Sometimes we’ll even have sex and break it down for you so you can actually see (well, hear) the work in action. We’ll also invite special guests into the conversation and even answer your personal questions live on the show to help you transform your relationship and sex life. Hilarious, emotional, spiritual and 100% real, we’re leaving no stone unturned as we share the intimate workings of our sex life with you. This might make you uncomfortable. It might make you excited. If you tune in and really dig deep, this podcast will totally change not only your sex life, but how you relate to pleasure, healing, and who you are as a person. Whether you’re in a rut, an epic relationship, looking to spice things up, or wanting to develop a more soulful intimate life, we’re going to show you what it looks like to actually do the work to make your relationship and sex life amazing. Tune in then find all the juicy details from each episode at

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