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Do you wish that you could REALLY see your business as kingdom work? You know that you want to serve God, but you’re not really called to full-time ministry. You’re running your own business (or REALLY want to), but you’re honestly afraid to fail or to not do it God’s way. Are you tired of feeling guilty for using your gifts in the marketplace or don’t know how to actually GROW your business? Are you DONE with the NON-Christian business growth advice? Hi! I’m Faith Hanan. Jesus lover, Copywriter, Content Strategist, Business Growth Coach, barrel racer, wrangler of tiny humans and champion of YOUR God-given dreams. For so long I sat where you are. Wondering WHAT God wanted me to do with my life and my LONG list of passions. How I could honor him in my business and non-ministry job. Overwhelmed with ALL of the different ways to grow a business and just dang tired of all the NON- Christian business growth advice out there. Each week I’ll share visionary and practical tips to help grow your business, go gangbusters in your marketing, and grow spiritually like you never thought possible! If you’re ready to finally have breakthrough in your business, mindset, and LIFE that helps you jumpstart your God-given dreams, then grab your coffee, holler at the dog to stop barking, and pull out a notepad for some practical, visionary, loving kick in the butt advice from your new business bestie!

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