Braves' magic number is 1! New York Mets series SWEEP & the Marlins stand in the way of a division crown


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After a week and a half of extensive travel, David and Eric are back together again and with loads to discuss. The guys discuss the Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets series, and the Bravos coming away with a three-game sweep! Kenley Jansen was sharp. Max Fried put in good work despite leaving early in the game. Kyle Wright racked up his MLB-best 21st win of the year, and Austin Riley, Matt Olson, Dansby Swanson, Michael Harris II, and Ronald Acuna enjoyed a productive series. The pair also chitchat about the Braves' magic number, which is one. After dropping their series opener to the Marlins, can they recover and win the NL East?

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