S4-Ep08: Huey’s Hoagies and Hummus


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Summary: Thadeus is still struggling with the wet floors everywhere. Random travel event triggers for the heroes while they make their way to Seaforge. The villains continue their shopping adventure in ICEA. Hesh gives Francis a gift. Ayda takes a shower.
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Malphaedor Bromroyo - voiced by Mike Cole
Mc Nastly - voiced by Wes "William" Whitman
Thadeus Trebilcock - voiced by Chris Johnson
Francis the Lion - voiced by Tony Kinney
Ayda - voiced by Jess Owen
Hesh Von Eggars - voiced by Shamas Rodriguez
DM - Nico Rodriguez
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Music Provided in part by Midnight Syndicate. www.MidnightSyndicate.com
Additional music provided by Algal the Bard. www.youtube.com/user/alvariu
Bonus Music Credit:
Stairway to Heave originally performed by Led Zeppelin and covered by Lucas Imbririba

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