Floating school bus and super commentators


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This week, we’re going to go on a ride – on a very different school bus! We’ll meet a teenager who has made school sports carnivals more inclusive, have an under the sea party for World Oceans Day and hear about some super sports commentators. Then, I hope you’re not afraid of heights because our Wow of the Week is taking you up into the mountains. Quiz questions 1) In which country will the floating school bus be used? 2) What kind of event was Sarah trying to make more inclusive? 3) What global day was marked this week? 4) In which stadium was the first AFL match in an Aboriginal language called? 5) What was the walkway of the world record holding bridge made from? Bonus tricky question Which language did Baykali and William call the AFL game in? Answers 1) Vanuatu 2) School sports carnivals 3) World Oceans Day 4) Melbourne Cricket Ground 5) Glass Bonus tricky answer Yolngu Matha

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