AJSM July 2022 Podcast: A Biomechanical Comparison of the LaPrade Technique Versus a Novel Technique for Reconstruction of Medial-Sided Knee Injuries


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Medial-sided knee injuries can lead to symptomatic valgus laxity or anteromedial rotatory instability and may require surgery, particularly in the setting of cruciate tears and tibial-sided medial collateral ligament (MCL) avulsions. The LaPrade (LP) technique utilizes 2 free grafts to reconstruct the superficial MCL (sMCL) and the posterior oblique ligament (POL). An alternative MCL reconstruction devised by the senior author comprises an anatomic single-bundle reconstruction using a free graft to reconstruct the sMCL with advancement and imbrication of the posteromedial capsule/POL (MCL anatomic reconstruction with capsular imbrication [MARCI] technique). These techniques have not been biomechanically compared with one another.

In conclusion, although both techniques improved knee stability compared with destabilized conditions, the MARCI technique better approximated intact stability during valgus at knee flexion angles from 0° to 90° and external rotation loads at knee flexion angles ≤30° in a cadaveric model.

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