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Hola Amiga, welcome to the Amiga Arise Podcast. I am Priscilla Gomez, your host and hopefully an Amiga for a journey of learning, growing and thriving. I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a trauma history of my own, but I was transformed by the call that God has placed on my life, and I am here to share how the clinical world taught me how to begin my healing process, but ultimately only God was able to heal the darkest areas of my past. I know you are tuning in because, Amiga, you are smart, successful, driven, ambitious, but yet there seems to be something missing. You don’t understand why falling short feels so devastating, why the small things bother you, and why you can’t find peace and joy? Amiga, welcome! I can bet you have walked through dark paths yourself, and maybe you are wondering if God is even real, or why anyone should endure such suffering, and what your true purpose is here on earth. Amiga, I hear you! But if you are ready to take a deeper look, find freedom, and step into flourishing God’s way, I am here to lend a helping hand as you step into your healing and faith filled life! Connect with me: Facebook: Amiga Arise Instagram: Amigaarise Email: Website:

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