January 6 Committee: Third hearing will show Trump pressure campaign on Pence “directly contributed” to Capitol attack


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The House select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol says the third June hearing will show how former President Trump’s pressure campaign on his vice president “directly contributed” to the insurrection. A source familiar with the committee’s investigation says they have emails between conservative attorney John Eastman and Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist and the wife of sitting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar is a member of the committee and confirmed to Anderson Cooper that they do have the emails but wouldn’t say whether the select committee plans to add Thomas’ role in overturning the election results to the upcoming hearings.

Plus, Bunny Drueke’s son, Alexander John-Robert Drueke, and Joy Black’s fiancé, Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, are two Americans who have been voluntarily fighting alongside Ukrainian forces north of Kharkiv. They’ve both been missing for nearly a week and their families fear they may have been captured. Drueke and Black join AC360 to give an update on their loved ones.

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