EP 145: Wes & Tommy from Moon Taxi


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Andy and Nick take some time to give Arkansas a little love- not just for the 6am bars, but also for how easy it is to be a manwh0re there. Self-control is important! And on the Interview Hour, we welcome new friends, Wes & Tommy from Moon Taxi! They talk about the mutual love we share for the Howard Stern show, the music they've scored syncs on, and how hard it is to go thru the world being so darn pretty (they're great, y'all). Andy & Shawn sing a song extolling the joys of science. This is EP 145.

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Andy Frasco

Joe Angelhow

Chris Lorentz

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Nick MacDaniels

Kyle Ayers

Shawn Eckels

Andee "Beats" Avila

Arno Bakker

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