EP 173: Magic CIty Hippies


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Andy and Nick are back in the saddle and ready to take you to FLAVORTOWN (shoutout to the legend, Guy Fieri). Summer Camp is coming up soon, so get the low down here. Such as the fact that Magic City Hippies are on the bill this year AND this episode's Interview Hour! These guys are great. And that's not just the drugs from my surgery talking. Get to know the boys and see just how magical these hippies can be; all whilst I try real hard to not pass out on this keyboard. Excuse my typos. This is epu2390f9j and I am dr^gs

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Magical tunes for a magical band: magiccityhippies.com

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Andy Frasco

Joe Angelhow

Chris Lorentz

Audio mix by Chris Lorentz


Andy's Doctor

Arno Bakker

Dr Yang (on the septal reconstruction this morning)

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