Episode 3: Whale Rider


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Welcome back to another episode of Ardent Cinema! Can you believe we're already on episode three?! Time fervently encroaches upon us all...
Anyways! For this week's episode, we watched Whale Rider, a story of a Māori community overcoming beached whales and one old man's reductive views on women. Tune in to find out what we thought of the film.
00.34 Introduction to the podcast
01.08 Introduction to this week’s movie: Whale Rider
05.35 General thoughts on the film
07.22 Parallels to last week’s episode, Don’t Make Me Go
08.12 Discussing the characters/people on the island and their growth and motivations
32.55 Discussing character choices throughout the film
45.52 Discussing the themes, allusions and symbolism in the film
49.52 Pretty visuals and effects
52.15 Good sounds, bad sounds
55.57 A funny
59.55 Our thoughts on the acting and directing in the film
01.02.50 We get sidetracked…
01.06.59 Final thoughts on the film and scores
01.12.29 What we’ve been watching, playing or listening to this week
01.15.34 Plugs (money!)
01.17.15 Announcement of next week’s episode

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