Rebellious Silence: Shirin Neshat’s Cultural Gift Captured in Her Visual Art


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Today, I’m here with Jennifer Easterling who is another wonderful staff member of Art Class Curator. She writes lessons for our membership at Curated Connections Library and our curriculums. In this episode, she’s chosen Shirin Neshat’s Rebellious Silence for our conversation which she’s been enraptured with ever since she came across it when looking at an AP Art History class. Recently, this artwork came to Fort Worth, Texas and Jenn got to go see it!

4:22​ - What the art piece looks like

9:23 - What surprised Cindy and Jenn about Neshat’s photographs

15:05 - The nuances of the photographs in person vs. online

21:51 - Opening eyes to Muslim women’s rights

26:13 - Discussing the symbolism of guns in Neshat’s artwork

31:34 - Getting lost in Neshat’s dramatic eyes

33:46 - What Neshat wants from us looking at her work

36:58 - Speculating about the meaning of the poem

44:10 - The artistic beauty of the Farsi language

47:48 - Going back home never being the same

52:10 - Watching Neshat’s video art

59:49 - Key personal connection for Jenn to take forward

1:04:38 - Insights from Jenn teaching this art in the classroom

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