Art History Short 03: Kerry James Marshall - Memento (not Mambo) No.5 from the Souvenir Series


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WE ARE BACK with another Art Slice Short: Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker cover one of their favorite contemporary painters, Black artist Kerry James Marshall and his painting, “Memento #5” of his Souvenir Series. You can find all the images we discuss today on or instagram They also discuss the Black Liberation Movement, the Civil Rights movement of the1960s that visually inspired the Souvenir Series: from Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, to the nationwide Civil Rights protests and how these events continue to impact and inspire social reform and change today. Topics include Mambo #5, Dodge hemis, Watts Riots, political lawn signs, punky emo belts, and a tailgate party featuring blue weenies. Reviewing, subscribing, liking, and sharing really helps support the show: Follow us on twitter, tiktok, youtube, and instagram: Consider subscribing and leaving us a review on apple podcasts. Fill out our color surveys here: You can pick up a 4 pack of stickers to help support the show:

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