02 - Yogafied - Martin Wong - Attorney Street (Handball Court With Autobiographical Poem By Piñero)


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Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker discuss Attorney Street (Handball Court with Autobiographical Poem by Piñero); a language packed and illustrative painting of 80’s era Lower East Side by a lesser known artist, Martin Wong, from 1984.

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In this episode, we discuss Martin Wong’s time in, and inspiration from, the crumbling New York of the 1980s.

Topics include: Boutique Yoga Studios and a multitude of Jerry Seinfelds over running NYC throughout the decades. Hey Arnold. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists thumbing their noses at the conventional art genres. The first ever Graffiti museum. Wong’s short life and interest in the people around him. And some groans for the Supreme x Martin Wong collection.

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