07 - The Three Witches (Part 2) - Leonora Carrington, Kati Horna, Remedios Varo - The House Opposite


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In your Art Slice this week, Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker dive into Part 2 of Las Tres Witches and discuss three works including the ethereal "The House Opposite" painting by Leonora Carrington, an image from Kati Horna’s supernatural "Ode to Necrophilia Series," and lastly, another fantastic work by Remedios Varo, "Centaur Tower Landscape."

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The Art Assignment this week is to write and illustrate your own spell!

In this episode, we discuss how Mexico’s magical side inspired the witches’ imagination and how it manifested not only in their works but also in their equally captivating lives.

Topics include witch hat hair, hyena housemate drama, Italian predellas, unwanted gifts, dancing centaurs, Sur La Table’s future artisanal line of witch kitchenware and Frida Kahlo’s true feelings towards Las Tres Witches.

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